Article Submission Policy

This Article Submission Policy is applicable for everyone who would like to submit the article on Articletz.


If you have registered as an author on Free Articles Source mean you agree all the article submission guidelines and article submission policy. Please note below the point which part of submitted articles acceptance policies.

  1. All articles henceforth once submitted will be in “Pending” status for our internal review, and once its pass through for quality, it would be published with SEO optimization and other Search Engine tweaks.
  2. Articles submitted on Free Articles Source must original and non-Plagiarised and should be grammatical error free.
  3. You can submit only one article under one category, multiple articles with the same category will be deleted or any article without category will be deleted.
  4. Articles preferably should be in line with writing standard (Like  Flesch Reading Ease).
  5. Sentences must not contain more than 20 words, which is should not be more than the recommended maximum of 25%.Try to shorten your sentences.
  6. Do not make big paragraphs, make small paragraph with short sentence to make articles readable.
  7. The article must contain at least one optimized image which improves SEO performance.
  8. The article must have a keyword with up to 3% keyword density. You can submit SEO data here Team 

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