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Email Continuity : Why Your Business Needs One

What is Email Continuity?

If you are to communicate with your boss or immediate senior, how would you do it? Would you rather send an email or text him/her on Whatsapp? While a few millennials working in new-age startups would go with personal messages, a lot of people would still go with the former.

This is because email has been the norm of corporate communication since its inception. Almost all companies in the world still treat them as the norm.

Emails are crisp, formal, cheap, and easy to use from a corporate perspective. To sum it up, emails have been and will continue to be the lifeline of corporate communication.

Technical Solution

Though organizations invest a lot in the maintenance of email servers and deploy technical teams to ensure the uptime of these servers, it doesn't mean anything can go wrong. Natural disasters like snow blizzards, heavy rainfall, or technical errors like traffic surge and power outages, risks are always present. However, even an outage of 10 minutes is a big deal for a business that relies on email communication.

And bigger the organization, the greater the impact. Not only is it a huge blow on productivity, but an immense waste of time, money, and resources. In situations like this, subscribing to email continuity services is the best thing to do. Read on to know-how.

What are Email Continuity Services?

These are the services provided by private firms which ensure that the email system of a company stays up and running even when the company’s primary server is down. A cloud-based service, email continuity can be a lifesaver to those companies who cannot afford to operate without email, even for a minute. And once the primary server is back, these backup servers automatically go-to neutral, transferring all the emails sent and received back to the main server.

Other Benefits of Email Continuity Services

These services offer many other advantages as listed below. Read on.

1.  Email continuity services get activated instantly and automatically as soon as email server downtime or outage. Hence there is no need to panic when the primary server goes down and no data loss or mail as well.

2.  You can enroll as many employees of your company as possible to this service and there is no limitation as such. This is a very beneficial feature if all of your internal communication is relying on that one email system.

3.  Though the email servers are changed when you are sending or receiving mail using email continuity services. You still will be using the same email address you have been using at regular times.

4.  If you are a large organization and thousands of emails are exchanged every hour, the unlimited mailbox can be a huge advantage. Hence, email continuity services ensure that there is no mailbox limitation as such.

5.  Lastly, to avail of these services you wouldn’t need any additional hardware or software. Cut down in overheads with Email continuity services by directly integrating them into your existing email system.

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