Online calendar - Dayhaps

Organize your Life with the Exceptional free Calendar App

Online calendar - Dayhaps

If you have a smartphone (and off course most of you will have!), no need to hire personal assistants. You're all work handled by the organized calendar.

If your in-built calendar app does not work for you, there are thousands of calendar apps in the app store and play store for free to use, These apps help you to always stay updated with office work, friends, family.
Dayhaps is one of the best calendar apps for Android and iPhone that really work for you as a business calendar, family calendar, personalized calendar. Dayhaps is pre-loaded calendar app with advanced features so that it works for all.

In Dayhaps you can create a calendar in just a single click and share with others. you can also track family members who attend the event or not.

Use Dayhaps for your iPhone or as a Samsung calendar. Great IOS and Android calendar as both platforms are supported.

  • Create calendars in less than a minute
  • Personalize calendars with a picture
  • Add contacts to group calendars, fast and easy

In Dayhaps you can do a lot of things, like set custom alerts, invite others on events, parties just in one click through creating a shared group calendar. So if you are looking to the shared calendar app, I  will recommend Dayhaps, It also available in 7 different languages.

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