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As a part of constant Endeavor of improvement in user experience, we highly recommend to use good quality Plagiarism checker for your articles, this will ensure maximum benefits for your article goal and get traffic for your website resulting in more leads and sales.

What is Plagiarism?

Well, there are tons of articles and sites on Plagiarism and Plagiarism Checker, but simple meaning of it stealing or copying ideas and publishing articles of other authors, knowingly or unknowingly. If you have outsourced writing an article to other authors for you then please make sure that you check the article with Plagiarism Checker for Plagiarism before buying it or taking delivery.

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Best resource to know more about Plagiarism is Grammarly 

Why should you be bothered about plagiarism?

Plagiarism is serious offense whether it is done unintentionally or intentionally, It can spoil your website, product reputation and other than this there could be serious litigations.

How should you avoid Plagiarism?

You should avoid Plagiarism by taking simple preventing measures!

  • DO  NOT  COPY anything from anywhere!
  • Do not use sloppy articles to market your idea.
  • Use your own words and sentences ( even if it is not perfect English ! Grammarly will rescue you !)
  • If at all you would like to publish some part or paragraph of others writing, give the credit to original author ( In form of link, Name  etc.)
  • If you have outsourced writing, make sure you check the article before buying or make changes in written article.
  • Do the research before writing the articles and give more realistic and authentic information.


How FAS help you to avoid plagiarism and grammatical mistake?

It's very easy to manage both plagiarism and a grammatical mistake with one single service provider Grammarly.

some of these services are FREE!

  1. Go to the website Grammarly 
  2. Register on it
  3. Install Grammarly app in chrome or firefox and window.
  4. start using it.

You simply have to click a button to check for plagiarism and that's it! It's Done!

Some other FREE sources for Plagiarism Checker:

  1. Paste /write your article in post body area. or go here 
  2. Click on right side button below “Publish ” button.
  3. Re-write the lines which are marked in red plagiarism checkerPlagiarism_Checker


  1. Re-check for plagiarism
  2. Voila ! publish the article.
  3. If you still have any doubts or have a question please get in touch with us , we are there for your help!








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